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Ninety Feet Under: What poverty does to people


The book was written in an effort to find answers that plagued me as to why poverty has remained so resilient.  By writing a list I began to understand that the problem has so many roots in disparate places that defy understanding, until I accepted the enormity of the whole assault on the mind and body.  The causes I've identified are neurological, physiological, linguistic, and crammed with fear, cold and hunger.  

How Spending and Saving Affect You


Discusses the fundamentals of savings and investments, including the risks and rewards of investment, the different kinds of investment opportunities, and smart strategies for saving.

Extreme Temperatures: Learning about positive and negative numbers


Students will learn positive and negative integers through the survey of the extreme climates and temperatures throughout the world. Includes comparative timelines of temperature ranges from the Gobi desert to Siberia.

Aircraft Carriers: Supplies for a city at sea


Explains how to multiply multidigit numbers by exploring modern aircraft carriers and their crews.